Merrimack Canoes – Handcrafted, Limited Edition Canoes

Our Limited Edition Canoes Are Individually Handcrafted and Guaranteed For Life.

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Every Merrimack Canoe is individually handcrafted by Randy Pew, the grandson of the Merrimack founder Lem Beach, and his longtime friend Scott Hale in Crossville, TN.  Located in Cumberland County, about two hours east of Nashville, Randy and Scott are doing what they love.

This is not an operation that supports the “big box” model where thousands of canoes are manufactured in order to stock the retail stores where they compete on discount pricing.  In fact, the current capacity Merrimack can handle is just two canoes per week.

Each canoe is built from scratch using the perfect combination of traditional design, superb wood working, and modern hull materials.  This will be a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.  Not only do these canoes look beautiful, but they handle phenomenally on the water.

Leonard V., a happy Merrimack owner from Colfax, CA wrote the following to us:

The Ivory color is handsome, radiant & elegant. The wood, so silky smooth. Masterpiece comes to mind – I didn’t want to put it in the water. By chance it arrived on a full moon, so I went to the water anyway, for our first full moon paddle. The color choice (ivory) was spot on. The ivory boat glimmered and shined in the moonlight.

Looks aside, this boat is quickly going to teach me how to paddle beautifully. Unlike my whitewater canoe, it’s gracious responsiveness to correct (& correction) strokes is instantaneous, as is it’s unforgiving responsiveness to improper technique and lazy paddling.

This boat is truly a serious paddlers delight. Once in the water it felt so light, It seemed as if I was in a Mother Goose fairy tail floating in an egg shell. In a word, SENSATIONAL!! This boat is exactly what I wanted & need.

Thank you very much for keeping Merrimack’s history, quality, artistry, craftsmanship & value alive! Also thanks for working so hard to get it shipped out to me in time for my freestyle class.

Please tell Randy I’m totally thrilled with his beautiful boat! I feel privileged to own it. I couldn’t be any happier.

Merrimack Canoes are built for orders that are placed.  It is rare that we have an extra inventory of canoes built though at times we have a very small selection available for immediate shipment.

If a Merrimack Canoe is of interest to you and we can answer any questions you may have, please do get in touch.  We’d love to make you a part of the Merrimack Family.