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Since it was founded in 1954, Merrimack Canoe Company has been built on the philosophy of taking advantage of the best advances in technology and materials then combining those with the traditional aesthetics and craftsmanship of the distant past in canoe building. 

  Back in the 1950’s, Merrimack founder L.H. Beach saw the benefits of then-new fiberglass hull construction starting to gain widespread popularity in the canoe world, but didn’t want to lose the charm and character of traditional wooden rib and plank canoes. The wood-reinforced fiberglass canoe was born starting with the Osprey, a canoe we still produce today, albeit staying true to the original philosophy by bringing in even more advanced materials and methods, all without getting rid of what made the Merrimack the perfect blend of function, aesthetics, and character. 

 Merrimack canoes are built one at a time, each one made by hand using simple tools, and they are individually numbered and signed by the craftsmen whose time, attention, and dedication led to the creation of a canoe both stunning and practical, intended to see use over many generations. Unmistakable appointments from the handmade seats to gunwales, deck plates, and handles utilize premium woods like Cherry, Ash, and Walnut to offer a stunning natural palette that perfectly complements the decades-refined hull designs. 

Though beautiful, our canoes are made to be used. Whether you’re looking to spend a misty morning on the lake chasing bass, taking on a multi-week expedition in the wilderness, or just taking the kids out for a little paddle around the pond, we want to see our canoes helping you better enjoy your time outdoors and on the water for many years to come.

Merrimack Canoes is a subsidiary of Sanborn Canoe Co

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