Canoe Shipping Info

Canoe Shipping

 When purchasing a canoe, one of the main details to be worked out will be delivery. If you live near enough to Winona, Minnesota, we're always happy to have customers collect the canoe in-person and receive a discount on your order. We'd love to give you a tour of the shop as well. For those further afield, there are two options: Personal delivery, private canoe shippers and commercial freight. 

 Personal Delivery 

 Any time we have multiple canoes going to roughly the same part of the country we will deliver batches of canoes ourselves. If you're not in a hurry, this is the easiest way to have your canoe delivered and is usually the best price for delivery. With this option we'll simply hang onto the canoe when finished until it's time to make the delivery for multiple customers in the same region of the country. Approximate pricing is available below for group deliveries.  Note that these are based on your distance from our shop in Winona, Minnesota and subject to getting enough boats ordered from the same geographical region for delivery. Any cancellations due to shipping costs are subject to the above cancellation policy.  


***Shipping can take a lot of time for canoes as they are large and not a standard item for shipping companies. Patience is required as we gather enough canoes to make a delivery trip.