Made to order. Ships in ~ 10 weeks.
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Bent shaft available in 48-54" lengths, Straight Shaft available in 54-60" lengths. Made to order. Ships in ~ 10 weeks.


The Minnesota is a hard-working paddle with a style all its own. Built using Cherry and Ash hardwoods along the shaft and sides of the blade respectively, this is a highly durable paddle that can push a ton of water, but the thicker midsection of the blade tapers down to the tip, leaving you with a quieter stroke. One of our best sellers, the Minnesota is great for river and lake trips where reliability, power, and durability are key. 


Like all Sanborn paddles, the Minnesota features the best grip on the market. Years of care and refinement have delivered a paddle that feels great in the hand even after a long day of paddling, and is easy to grasp even in the trickiest conditions. Our paddles are also normally delivered with the grip unfinished. Ultimately this means you can finish the grip how you prefer; we recommend an oil finish, as it's extremely smooth, comfortable even after a full day of paddling, and it is simple and easy to maintain. It’s a bit more effort, but it’s well worth it. For an nominal fee, we can pre-oil the grip for you prior to shipping, but you'll still want to maintain the grip oil over its life. Click Here to learn more about caring for your paddle grip. 


The Minnesota is available with either straight shaft or a 12° bend. Preferences may vary, but generally a bent shaft will offer a little more overall power and bite in the water, while a straight shaft allows for more deft corrective strokes when paddling. Click Here to learn more about what paddle features are right for you. 


You can only love a paddle that fits you perfectly. The Minnesota is offered in a range of lengths to suit any paddler. Click Here to learn how to find the paddle length that’s perfect for you.


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    Posted by Tom Z on Mar 11th 2021

    beautifully crafted

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    Great paddle!

    Posted by Geoffrey Schoenhofen on Sep 12th 2020

    I love this paddle, I purchased it over a year ago and taken it to many lakes and rivers. It has even been to the boundary waters. Not only does it perform well, but it looks like a work of art. I also own the carbon gunflint which is also awesome. I enjoy using both of them so much and still haven't quite figured out a favorite.