What Does Your Merrimack Say About You?

Merrimack Tennessean Canoe on Land Cruiser

In a world of mass-produced widgets, a Merrimack stands apart.

It is at once a callback to a different time, and a look to something new. Traditional woodworking skills are blended seamlessly with modern materials, not as a gimmick or a sales pitch but as the core of what makes a Merrimack Canoe special. Each canoe, like its paddler, is an individual. It was crafted by hand with simple tools. Each piece of wood was selected by hand to create a stunning canoe that is yours alone. Customization abounds. Maybe you see the most beauty in the classics, and a simple solid-color canoe with subtly contrasting woodwork is what speaks to you. Maybe you want something that is loaded with details, each angle of the canoe presenting a different work of art; a design with multiple colors, a floor print, and wood-burned deck plates might be more your style. Is your canoe a place of solitude, a time to be alone, paddling into a distant wilderness untouched by noise and crowds, or is your Merrimack a place to share precious time with your family, lazily floating downstream, sharing a love for the water with your young children. Perhaps instead a canoe for you is a means to carry you into those tight little backwaters and fishing holes, inaccessible either from land or by motorboat, a place for you to stand and cast your line in that lifelong pursuit of "The Big One." 


Whatever it is that calls you to the water, there is a Merrimack to take you there. 


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