Traveler - 17'

Built to order. Expected lead time: ~ 13 weeks.
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Quick Look:
(  Fiberglass or Kevlar/Carbon-fiber ) and wood construction.
Beam 35"  -  Depth 12.5"  -  Bow Height 22.5"  -  Rocker 1"
Length 17'  -  Approx. Weight 57 lbs.
Capacity 850 lbs

The Traveler is a 17-foot touring canoe built with Merrimack quality in the tradition of the original Maine Guide Canoe.

Its shallow arc bottom allows it to glide on the water and respond immediately to the paddler's commands. Just like its name implies, the Traveler is a canoe designed especially for traveling.

Whether a multi-day trip on a non-technical river or two weeks in the lake country, the Traveler shines. It's a joy to paddle - solo or tandem, loaded or empty.


The best canoe you can own is one that's made exactly to your tastes. Numerous upgrades are available to tailor your canoe to your personal preferences, from customizable liveries, trim options, floor prints, and even wood burned deck plates.

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