Tennessean cherry ribs, compass floor print

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This is a glacier green Kevlar - Carbon fiber Tennessean with Cherry ribs, and a crossed paddles compass floor design. The Tennessean is our best option for someone looking for a boat hat can double as both a solo and tandem canoe. It has a flat bottom with keel, offering good initial stability and tracking even when paddling alone, but the short length still offers up good maneuverability. 

Planned woodwork is our standard ash inwales, seats and yoke, with cherry trim.

I went ahead an tossed in some photos of another canoe made in the same green to give you a better picture of what this will turn into. as well as an image of the floor print I took while building the canoe this last week. 

Price assumes we finish it up as planned, but the trim hasn't been installed yet so if you'd like to go with another option give us a call at 218-565-1898.