Second Quality Tennessean - Kevlar/Carbon Driftless Blue w/ White Chevrons - 14'6"

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This is a used Tennessean 14'6" canoe with lots of extras! The canoe pictured is the canoe being sold. Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Expedition layup. Includes some very small nicks and scratches. Driftless Blue + Olympic White Chevrons, Compass Floor print, and Pine Cone engraved decks. Condition: EX+. Sold as-is.


At A Glance:

  • Fiberglass (Classic) or Kevlar/Carbon Fiber (Expedition), and wood construction.
  • Beam  35" -   Depth 11.5"   - Bow Height 20"
  • Length  14.5' -  Approx. Weight  ~48 lbs.
  • Capacity  625 lbs.


The 14.5’ Tennessean is a canoe that can do a bit of everything. While a two-seater, it handles as comfortably solo as tandem. Spacious enough for two people to take a weekend trip, it can also be heavily loaded for long solo trips where resupply comes few and far between. It offers better maneuverability and speed than the 13' Osprey, while sacrificing only a little stability.