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Prospector 16' - In Stock

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This is a new, first quality Prospector 16' canoe. It is Glacier Green with standard woodwork (cherry ribs and trim, ash seat, yoke, and thwarts).


At A Glance:

  • Fiberglass (Classic) and wood construction.
  • Beam 34"  - Depth 14"  - Bow Height 25"  - Rocker 3.5"
  • Length 16'  - Approx. Weight 59 lbs.
  • Capacity 900 lbs


Big brother to the Baboosic, the 16’ Prospector has maneuverability and carrying capacity in spades. Lots of rocker means this canoe can turn on a dime in spite of its length, and the deep hull means it can be loaded extremely heavily and the tracking only improves as the canoe is more heavily laden. The Prospector is a fantastic canoe for tandem trips with the supplies needed for even extended journeys, and enough maneuverability to handle the currents on streams and rivers. In many ways this is the quintessential choice for long backcountry trips in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota.