Other Merrimack Items

Sunburst Paddles


The beautiful sunburst blade of this paddle is made of red alder, black willow, and basswood. The wood grip is contoured for comfort. High strength carbon fiber forms the shaft, resulting in an ultra-light paddle weighing only 15 oz.! The blade is 7.9" by 17".

Available in lengths 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 inches. $ 169 each.

Merrimack Paddle Bag. Your canoe paddle is an important tool. Protect the investment you've made in fine paddles. Our paddle bag is made of heavy waxwear canvas and is felt lined. Holds two paddles separated by a felt center partition. Leather Merrimack logo on tie-down cover flap. $89. Paddle Bag Pictures

  • Seat Backs!

    Same quality ash frames and hand-lacing as our seats. $79 each or $149 pair. More info

  • Merrimack Canoe Co. Ballcaps

    Three Color Choices: Khaki Green, Denim Blue, or Pine Green Fully adjustable. $15. More info

  • Very Cool! X-Straps

    These are very tough nylon straps for securing lines,extra paddles, or anything else into your canoe. Velcro fasteners. Handmade in Crossville, Tenn. by us. 8" x 8". $10 pair. (COLOR IS TAN)

  • Car Front Hood Loops

    Just open your hood and secure these to a convenient bolt, one on each side. May be left permanently attached; just open the hood and tuck them in. Use as front attachment point for tie-down ropes or straps when carrying your Merrimack Canoe. Pair, $ 12. (color may vary, currently purple!)

  • Die-struck Merrimack Medallions

    These beautiful solid brass medallions are the same ones that we install on Merrimack Canoes. High-relief engraving on the die, and a beautiful brushed, oxidized and sealed finish results in a piece that can be presented to your favorite Merrimack Canoe owner, or attached to the deck of your canoe. 2-1/2 " wide by 1-1/2 " high. Available drilled for mounting, or undrilled for use as a paperweight. $ 38.
  • Car carrying kit: (4) foam blocks, (2) nylon straps, (2) nylon tie-down ropes, and a pair of hood loops, all packed in a mesh carrying bag. $ 55 . *Note: We strongly advise tying down the bow and stern of your canoe during transport. See our web page "Transporting Canoe" for more details

  • 25' Painter

    These very high quality, solid nylon painters are 3/8" in diameter and are gold and white, double braided. The 3/8" diameter makes for a line that is very easy to handle. There is a pre-spliced eye on one end for easy tying to your Merrimack Canoe's painter ring or bow handle. Made for us in North Carolina. $ 19.