About us

Welcome to Merrimack Canoe Company. Since 1954 we've built each Merrimack canoe with more quality, style and detail than any other canoe on the market. You'll sense this in the beauty of our canoes and you'll feel it on the water. It's easy to see why Merrimack continues to be the choice of discerning canoeists everywhere. 

Today, we build Merrimack canoes much the same way L.H. Beach built them when he started Merrimack Canoe Company over 60 years ago: by hand, one at a time. To be sure, we take full advantage of contemporary material technologies. Our fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber hulls are stronger and lighter than ever. Although some things we'll never change, like our cherry ribs and hand-strung seats. Each and every Merrimack canoe is built by hand, from the ground up, by a skilled team in Merrimack traditions and L.H. Beach's way.  

Each Merrimack canoe is individually numbered, then signed by the craftsmen who built it. Upon completion, a die-struck brass medallion is embedded into the bow of every Merrimack, your assurance of its heritage as a genuine Merrimack Canoe.


The original wood-reinforced fiberglass hull was developed by L.H. Beach more than 60 years ago. He grew up in Maine and moved to Merrimack, NH where he started the company. When fiberglass emerged in the canoe industry, he had the idea of combining traditional sensibilities with the new composite technology. By reinforcing the hull with cherry ribs one-sixteenth inch thick, it gave the hull stiffness and maintained classic canoe aesthetics. L.H. Beach passed Merrimack to his son Lem and wife Doris, when Lem retired from the Navy in 1967. They built canoes in Merrimack, NH until the fall of 1972 when the business moved to Crossville, TN. Merrimack stayed in the family until the late 2000s. 

In the spring of 2016 we negotiated bringing Merrimack Canoes into the Sanborn Canoe Company family. We moved everything up to Winona, Minnesota and we're looking forward to crafting these exceptional canoes for years to come!