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This traditional blade is designed to be smooth and quiet through the water. The large surface area creates great capacity for power, but the narrow blade eases strain on the paddler’s body. This proves especially true as you log long days on the water. Elegant lines crafted from a single piece of wood make for a paddle that looks as good out of the water as it feels in it. A hand-rubbed, oil finish provides a butter smooth feel that’s easy to maintain for years to come.

Merrimack Signature one-piece paddles are built by our partners at Sanborn Canoe Co. exclusively for Merrimack Canoes.

Please note that there is a very wide variety in grain pattern between any given piece of walnut, ash, or cherry. Each paddle ordered can and will have differing contrast and tone than in the paddles shown. Because we are building paddles from a relatively limited supply of quality hardwoods, we can't guarantee a particular look or coloration for any given order.


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