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    Posted by DANIEL GILBERT on Sep 11th 2020

    I have 4 different types of canoes. I have been in or using a canoe since I was 4 months old. My father was a Game Warden in the northwoods of Maine before there were even any roads so all travel had to be done on foot or by traversing different rivers, brooks, lakes and ponds. I bought my Merrimack after getting in an argument with my favorite refreshment one evening. I have totally enjoyed my canoe all summer fishing in the North Maine Woods. Its light weight has allowed me at 69 to utilize it it places I haven't been before. I used it one day to get to the "Ghost Trains" on the shore of Eagle Lake. It paddles so easy and I have had a great time enjoying it this summer and hope to do the same for many years to come....thank you. By the way I get more stares, oohs and awes now whenever I come ashore or have it on my truck than I used to get when I had a Lotus. It is truly a great product.